Thursday, 16 October 2014

Using Javascript and the ctx element within Display Templates

So as you know I love Display Templates, using in the Content Search web part.

I just found this awesome article, showing how to do some fantastic "Higher Grade" stuff with Display Templates.

When working with Display Templates you use a combination of HTML and JavaScript/JQuery to manipulate it into doing what you want it to do. The below link, shows some nice tricks, on working with the ctx elements and the Managed Property Mapping.

Check it out:
Useful JavaScript to know when working with SharePoint Display Templates (#SPC3000)

How to Create Custom Display Templates in SharePoint 2013, Content Search web parts

SharePoint 2013 display templates are the best thing since sliced bread - no, than slices cheeeese…

I have really falling in love with SharePoint all over again, using the Content Search Web Part. This now giving you the ability to show your content in any fabulous way you would like.

This video show you how to get started, check it out:
Display Template Overview

Power BI for SharePoint 2013 on Office 365

Here is the most incredible Guide for Power BI.

Check it out:
Power BI - Getting Started Guide:

Page Layouts, Page Templates and Display Templates

Are you getting confused between Page Layouts, Page Templates and Display Templates?

This article explains the SharePoint 2013 Page Model, for all to understand. It's also nice to send to users.

Check it out:
Overview of the SharePoint 2013 page model:

Need a web friendly version of a picture in SharePoint?

SharePoint automatically creates web friendly version of your pictures within a Picture Library. I’m not talking about SharePoint 2013 Image Rendition, but completely OOTB vanilla SharePoint, and it has been doing it even a few versions back.

So, add a picture to your SharePoint sites, picture library.

Then have a look:

Original Picture:
{SharePoint Site}/{Picture Library Name}/MyNewPicture.png

Web Copy:
{SharePoint Site}/{Picture Library Name}/_w/MyNewPicture_png.jpg

{SharePoint Site}/{Picture Library Name}/_t/MyNewPicture_png.jpg

How to reference lookup columns in Nintex Forms, within a repeating table OOTB

This saved my sanity this week. I was losing my mind trying to have a repeating table with a field with lookup information.

This is for the Nintex Forms on SharePoint 2013.

Check it out:
Lookup data from another list inside a Nintex Form: