Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Mapped crawled properties for "URL"

Getting the right URL information from the "URL" column within your SharePoint Content Search Web Part (CSWP). This would be the OOTB (Out of the Box) SharePoint "URL" column.

Mapped crawled properties for "URL"


results = {URL}
example =


results = {URL}, {Description}
example =, Google

RefinableString for Title

Just had some fun and games with the SharePoint Content Search Web Part (CSWP). I create some content, list and pages, all with there own content type. I was able to view the column "Title" content in the CSWP display, but not able to Sort by "Title" or have it as a Refiner.

I used one of the RefinableString Managed Property. It was tricky to figured out which Mapped crawled property was the correct "Title". These are the ones that worked for me, for my current project.

Mapped crawled property for:
List - Basic:displaytitle
Page - ows_Title