Friday, 28 June 2013

Deploying a WSP to SharePoint 2013

How to deploy a WSP to SharePoint Farm Solution library

This need to be done on the Server which host the SharePoint Central Administration.
  1. Add the WSP to the SharePoint Server
    1. The first thing you need to do is copy over the wsp deployment file. The best things to do is to create a deployment folder, where all the deployed files are kept.
    2. Copy over the deployment files to: c:\Deploy\WSP
  2. Add the WSP to the SharePoint Farm Solution library
    1. Open “SharePoint 2013 Management Shell “ as administrator
      a. Open the Search on Server 2012
      b. Search for “SharePoint 2013 Management Shell”
      c. Right click “SharePoint 2013 Management Shell”
      d. Select “Run as Administrator”
    2. Run this script: 
      Add-SPSolution "c:\Deploy\WSP\{file name}.wsp"  
  3. Deploy the WSP to the SharePoint Farm Solution library
    1. Open Central Administration
    2. Click “System Settings”
       photo Picture1.jpg
    3. Click “Manage farm solutions”, under “Farm Management”
       photo Picture103.jpg
    4. Click on the {file name}.wsp package
    5. Click “Deploy Solution”
       photo Picture106-1.jpg
    6. Deployment settings
      Deploy When: Now
      Deploy to: All content Web application
    7. Click “OK”

How to activate the WSP Feature on the Site Collection

  1. Activate the WSP Feature on the Site Collection
    1. Open the Root Site (the Site Collection)
    2. Click the cog, in the top right corner (Site Actions)
    3. Select “Site Settings”
    4. Click “Site collection features”, under “Site Collection Administrator”
    5. Go to {file name}
    6. Click “Activate”, to the right


  1. Perfect. Thanks for posting this. Exactly what I needed.

  2. Hello! I have the WSP deployed in the Solution Management but when I go to the Site Collection Features it's not listed there for me to Activate.

  3. WSP is for a site and is imported and activated in the site collection. But when trying to create site I can't find it in the list of templates.

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  5. how can we deploy the wsp in Sharepoint 2013 office 365 account

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  14. Hi, I also have the access denied problem when activating in the Central Administration.

  15. THANK YOU! I keep forgetting the "run as administrator" when I run the SharePoint Powershell. None of the other "how to's" mention the run as admin, just tell you to run the SharePoint powershell. I don't know why I keep forgetting - You think it would be imprinted in my brain by now sine EVERY single time I use it I forget and have to figure out why I keep getting an "Access Denied' error.

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  22. I was messing with this all day and it turns out I was missing one step. Thanks!

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  28. ADD-SPSolution -Literalpath C:\Deploy\WSP\WSPDemo.wsp

  29. When i try to deploy ".wsp"SOLUTION TO sharepoint 2013 , get this error. kindly provide solution.

    Warning: Deploying this solution will place assemblies in the global assembly cache. This will grant the solution assemblies full trust. Do not proceed unless you trust the solution provider.

  30. I have imported and activated the .wsp but how do I get it to run in my new site? I am a novice so there is a great deal I do not know...

  31. Hi

    I dont see the file under
    Site collection features\Site Collection Administrator

    What can i do to activate it

  32. use commands to add, deploy or others , only best match SharePoint 2013 Management Shell. the siteAdmin not really good to!

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